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National UCJA Officers

Below are the UCJA National Officers and a brief description.
Bish. W Davis Jr. Green.jpg
Bishop Willie Davis, Jr.
Pastor of Christ Rescue Temple
Apostolic Church,
Winston-Salem, NC

General Chairman
Bish. J. Funderburk Green.jpg
Bishop James Funderburk
Pastor of St. Paul
Apostolic Church
Winston-Salem, NC

2nd Vice Chairman
Mother Howard.jpg
Mother Annie D. Howard
Member of Christ Rescue Temple
Apostolic Church
Winston-Salem, NC

General Mother
Bish. J. Millner Green.jpg
Bishop James F. Millner
Pastor of Shiloh Apostolic Temple
Ridgeway, VA

1st Vice Chairman
Bish. V. Amos Sr. Green.jpg
Bishop Vernon Amos, Sr.
Pastor of Praise Temple
Apostolic Church

Welcome, NC

General Secretary
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